About Dr. Kerry Lilley, D.C.


“What lights me up is empowering other people!”

Dr. Kerry Lilley, D.C.’s dream is to bring health and happiness to the world, one relationship at a time. As a chiropractic doctor, Dr. Kerry knows that true health comes not from a single source, but from all-around wellness. She pairs her expertise in gentle chiropractic care—which includes no uncomfortable cracking, twisting, or popping—with her life’s mission: to inspire others to take their health seriously and provide them with the tools needed to do so. It is her pleasure to share her knowledge and skill with anyone in need of help or guidance and to act as a continual source of positive support.

After more than twenty years of experience in the healthcare field—from massage therapy to chiropractic care—Dr. Kerry has had the privilege to guide countless individuals to the health and healing that lies within. By developing custom-made plans of action fit to each and every client, she makes it easy for anyone to begin the path towards wellness. Dedication to others, realistic goals, and easy-to-follow steps are the hallmarks of Dr. Kerry’s plans—and are also what make her treatment so powerful and effective. With Dr. Kerry, no client must act alone: she strives to work side-by-side with those in need and to go above and beyond in helping those interested in making positive changes in their lives increase their health and happiness.

I am a cheerleader for holistic health and wellness!

I will stick by your side and help you reach your goals and beyond.

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