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My Mission

To inspire others to take their health seriously and to empower them with the tools to know how.

I bring more than 20 years of experience in the health field. If you choose to work with me, together we will:

  • Discover what your larger goals are
  • Bring awareness to where you are now
  • Create an action plan that is realistic and easy to follow
  • Provide accountability for each step along the way and celebrate the accomplishments
  • Give encouragement in a positive and helpful manner
  • Create community for greater success
  • Ultimately improve your health and happiness!


I am a cheerleader for holistic health and wellness!

I will stick by your side and help you reach your goals and beyond.

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I specialize in gentle chiropractic care. I use a combination of techniques that do not require “cracking” or “popping” and is excellent for anyone who has a fear of chiropractors. The method I use is appropriate for people who have had injuries, including car accidents, or broken bones. It is gentle enough to use on the very old and the very new. Both elderly and young babies respond really well to my approach. It has been my honor to work with very complex cases and see amazing results using this very gentle work.

I incorporate many of the things I learned in my massage and wellness practice into my chiropractic treatments to help my patients get the most from their care. We may do strengthening exercises, diet and nutrition assessment, and stretching as a part of your treatment.

How does chiropractic work?

The brain the brainstem and the spinal cord make up your nervous system. Your nervous system controls everything in your body; all other systems. These nerves travel down your spine and exit at the level of each vertebrae. From there they communicate with every part of the body just as every part of the body must be in communication with your brain.

My job, as a chiropractor, is to keep that communication open. By removing any interference at the level of the spine or individual vertebrae, what we are really doing is keeping your entire nervous system functioning at its highest level.

Here's what my patients say:

After 74 years I finally feel how I’ve always wanted to feel! Thank you, Dr. Kerry Lilley for all you do contribute to my happy and healthy life.

~ Janice

I had pain for more than 20 years. I thought I would always have to live with it and always took medication to reduce the pain. I am now pain free thanks to Dr. Kerry Lilley and look forward to my visit every week

~ Bruce

My headaches used to control my life. I learned that it was because my neck can’t take the stress of my commute and desk job. Dr. Kerry adjusts me regularly and I have no pain. I tested this by going on a trip for three weeks. Being away was great except I had headaches for the last two weeks of our trip. My entire family said: “you need to see Dr. Kerry” and they were right. I’m back to pain free and mostly don’t get headaches anymore. Thanks, Doc.


Kerry is the first doctor I've had who I can tell genuinely cares about my progress and well being; it's refreshing to have someone on my side, who wants me to feel better in my body. The sessions I've had have been gentle, relaxing, and informative - I just wish I could end each day the way I feel after a visit!


Dr. Kerry is our family doctor. We don’t use any other type of medical care or medication. We don’t need to! She has kept my family healthy for more than 20 years. Both boys love coming to see her and my husband no longer questions my use of essential oils, a diffuser, non toxic cleaning products or chocolate! It is great to have this amazing healer as a part of our family for so long.

~Greg and George

Benicia Location:

Chiropractic Center Benicia
Dr. Kerry Lilley, D.C.
271 E. H St  (Inside Evolve Movement Physical Therapy)
Benicia, CA 94510

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Albany Location:

Now Dr. Kerry is also available in Albany!

Albany Location:

828 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA 94706.
Suite 104


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